Pandemic Born, Disaster Proof

About our club

WA4MED is the CSRA Emergency Medical Radio Club, dedicated to emergency communications and disaster response.

Our club was founded in the mid 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Out of this came our slogan “Pandemic Born, Disaster Proof”, which has become the defining statement and mission of our club.

The goal is to have and maintain an organization of trained and skilled communication specialists that can support the CSRA in the event of an emergency. WA4MED members are encouraged to attain incident management traing (ICS-100) along with Skywarn spotter training and registering with the National Weather Service. WA4MED functions as a Skywarn spotting and disaster coordination group and NOT A STORM CHASING GROUP. Any member that engages in storm chasing will immediately forfeit membership unless other arrangements have been made with the club leadership and are sufficiently documented.

Please direct safety questions/regulations to our secretary
All records and certifications should be emailed to our secretary as well.

All our website page is actively maintained by our talented public relations team led by our Public Information Officer Matthew Lyon